I don’t believe in anger

I don’t believe in lies

I don’t believe that anyone

Could ignore a child’s cries


I don’t believe that people

Could  hurt you just for fun

There has to be reason

To fight back with a gun


I don’t believe that love

Is stupid, too much fuss

I don’t believe that lonieness

Is all that’s left for us


I don’t believe in any God

That gives a man a bomb

Just to kill his brother

Who reads a different tome


I don’t believe my sister

Is the colour of her skin

The beauty in her smile, her eyes

Is from her soul within


I don’t believe in apathy

I don’t believe in pain

I don’t believe the hungry

Should be abandoned in the rain


I don’t believe the helpless

Have nothing left to give

A chance is all they’re begging for

To earn, to learn, to live


An yet I still believe

There’s so much left to see

That life can be remarkable

And surely you’ll agree


What drives me on

Each day that comes

Each time that I feel blue

Above all else

In truth I’ll say

I still





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