Maybe I should take a chance
Maybe I will try
Maybe l’ll walk up to her
Tell her she’s caught my eye

Maybe I should take leap
Just shut my eyes and pray
That she’ll look upon my words
Shyly and sweetly say

That she feels the same way too
And she’s been watching me
Hoping, wondering if someday
Id pick up the nerve and see

If she felt the way I do
And wouldn’t it be nice
To go out for a date or two
Just need to break the ice

But she wandered past again
I’ve missed my chance to say
It’s probably for the best, in truth
I’ll try another day

life is hard

You know

Life is hard enough to get through

Living every day alone

Staring at the the 4 walls

Of a sad and empty home

I’m not sure how to deal with

Having nothing left do

I doubt that you experience

That emptiness,,,do you?

How do people meet

And greet

And get to know each other,

When all i have is these four walls

No friend,

No pal

No lover.

You know

Life is hard enough to get through

With all the anger and the hate

Its really tough to deal with

Without feeling in this state

I used to have a friend

Or two

I used to have a life

I used to have

A pal

A girl

She said she’d be my wife

But now i just have these four walls

And I’m not sure what to do

I’d talk to someone


I’d even talk to you

I show a mask of happiness

That hides the pain so deep

Pretend I’m doing.. “A’OK”

Then cry myself to sleep

Ill spend whole days

Not say a word

To any living soul

Ill go out about my daily chores

No heart left, just a hole

But life it too damn hard to get through

When all you feel is pain

But you know


I’ll get up

And do it all again.


Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow maybe bright

Tomorrow may bring circumstance

And all will be alright

So yeah lifes tough to get through

And yeah it makes me blue

But i go each day

Just hoping that

Tomorrow ill meet you.