Some things are true Since time began The best of us Is a gentleman So put her first look to her eyes Don’t be the one To make her cry Hear her words Sing her song Hold her hand When things go wrong Notice when She does her hair Take the time To say you […]

I Miss

The things I miss are simple Is hard for some to hear I miss the sound of whispers That land gently in my ear I miss the silly games That only lovers do I miss the simple little words That start with I Love You I miss the sound of voices That greet me when […]


“I’m damaged he said, with a tear in his eye “Then let me help heal you” she said with a smile “I’ll hurt you he said, “but not by choice” “And I’ll forgive you” with love in her voice “We all have burdens that we need to share So please let me help you and […]

Make a wish

Close your eyes, make a wish Listen to your heart Take a chance, dare to dream Gives love’s dream a start For if a chance is all it takes To make my dreams come true I’ll cut a dash and say hello To spend some time with you


patiently i read the stories tell of places never seen adventures casts on common trails where i have never been solemnly i wonder if there’s something i should say i watch the world move all around the places that i stay i never understand if i should go and see who’s there afraid ill end […]


Ok so I’m not perfect, I may not be the best Perhaps I’m not as well turned out or stylish as the rest I know i seem unhappy, I may not always smile And yes I do have issues that can mess with others style But before you feel like judging, before you dismiss me […]


Your deeds speak volumes, about you No need to hail the things you do Don’t stress yourself what others say Just be yourself and live your day And if they cannot see your worth Come hang with me. we’ll rule this earth

silent battles

Silent battles fought alone Safe inside this empty home Hidden feeling rise to view To show the world the real you But safely tucked where none can see This truth is safe the secret me Would show itself but none will know Just how the battle ebbs and flows A brief release the shadow falls […]


A plans a plan for all to see A plan for you, a plan for me To make the world a better place A plan to save the human race My plan to sweep her off her feet A tall white stallion, down the street But still we plan and still we wait We’ll start […]


These few words I’ll say to you Be wary of the deeds you do Guard well the words that you might say Else they drive your love away Be courteous to those you greet Endeavour not to lie nor cheat Be not afraid of something new Its different, no harm to you Be strong and […]