A plans a plan for all to see A plan for you, a plan for me To make the world a better place A plan to save the human race My plan to sweep her off her feet A tall white stallion, down the street But still we plan and still we wait We’ll start […]


These few words I’ll say to you Be wary of the deeds you do Guard well the words that you might say Else they drive your love away Be courteous to those you greet Endeavour not to lie nor cheat Be not afraid of something new Its different, no harm to you Be strong and […]


Echo The hollow sound of hollow lives Made up memories,made up lies Virtual pals and virtual pokes fake relationship with folks Hopes and dreams left in the past Expectation lost too fast Where have all, the real friends gone The ones who drop by by just for fun When did we lose the skill to […]


Silently I stumble, through dark and distant night Quietly I wonder, if through the tears I might Find a place where I can be, no longer cold and scared Where my dreams might become real, my voice finally heard Push back the tears that try so hard to press upon my cheek Alone I fight […]


Looking back at what has past I see where I have been I see the pain and suffering The broken distraught scene I feel the pain that once I felt I see the sorrowed eyes The emptiness and and hollow soul The anguish in the cries But now much more than ever since I feel […]

My story

Yes I have depression But I’m not depressed I may well be tired But I need no rest I say I’m fine And I’m not lying I do feel sad But I’m not crying Sure I may smile Whilst inside I weep I may go to bed And fail to sleep See I’ve got depression […]


Smiling I┬áremember,┬áthe way she wears her hair How she smooths her skirt down as she gets up from her chair The sparkle in her dark eyes, and her teeth so pearly white The magic and the sparkle in her smile so bright Despite my efforts not to, I’m drawn to her each day To hear […]


So here’s the truth It’s not so sad There is no good Without the bad There is no black Without the white There is no darkness Without light So when you feel The days too long And all events Are going wrong Remember this Its oh so true All things good Will come to you


Don’t hide yourself away my dear Don’t hide yourself away Cross you heart and hope to die That’s what they used to say Ponder not the past my friend Nor worry what might be Do your best today my friend We’ll see what we shall see Regret not what might have been If only you […]

Its been a while

It’s been a while since last I saw you walk into this place I haven’t had the chance to say I love to see your face And time goes by, I try to think Of ways to make you see There’s so much more that I can give just take a chance on me I […]