If I had the courage I’d tell you how I feel I’d do something to change this day And make this feeling real If I ever thought That you were into me If I thought for just on beat That we could ever be I’d tell you how you turn my head Each time that […]


Yes I’m older I have seen more Done more Been further Met more Had more And lost more than those younger than I. Yes I am older I cherish more Protect more Love more Will do more To keep you safe

I got it wrong

I got it wrong, ok I get it A fool am I and I regret it I read the signs but made mistakes I messed up, Too late for brakes Ill carry on and try again With someone else get passed the pain The signs were there I could have sworn But I was wrong […]


I’d like to say a few short words About my dear old mum You friends who gather to reflect With father, daughter, son I’d tell you how she love to joke And talk about the past How she liked to have a smoke And sup wine from her glass How she like to give out […]


Secretly I wonder on the vision that is you I close my eyes and think about Your eyes of grey and blue And as you glide away again I hope one day you will see Your beauty and seductiveness Means everything to me

So far away

I’ve tried to say a thousand times the way you make me feel To reach across and brush your face to prove that this is real But though I’m close enough to see the sparkle in your eyes You all to far away from me to hear my longing sighs So ill just carry on […]


I’m fighting just to stay alive To beat the anger deep I’m struggling just to make it through The night with any sleep Deep down I hate what you have done The way you make me feel Betrayal came so easily Was any of it real I know that soon I’ll beat the anger I’ll find […]


I don’t believe in anger I don’t believe in lies I don’t believe that anyone Could ignore a child’s cries   I don’t believe that people Could  hurt you just for fun There has to be reason To fight back with a gun   I don’t believe that love Is stupid, too much fuss I don’t believe […]

A Secret Love

Secret sighs Enchanting eyes My secret crush A hidden rush Impassioned grasp A lovers gasp Your  soft caress Lust to repress A drawn out kiss A secret wish My heartbeat skips To taste your lips Your longing sigh I brush your thigh We dare not speak I kiss your cheek A rush of blood A secret love Until […]