my fear

I used to say prayers In the dark of the night To push back the tears, anxiety and fright I used to see shadows that danced the gloom They hunted my thoughts in the dark of my room The thought of tomorrow Would fill me with dread Things not yet happened Would mess with my […]

new year

to all my friends both old and new this simple rhyme i have for you this year is past its time is done we had some troubles had some fun we had a laugh and shed at tear we hoped for much throughout the year and as the year draws to a close we plan […]


when you say you gave it all you had you know that isn’t true To spend your time looking for help, but that was only you you never gave us both a chance to figure out our woes a problem for the two of us? then two of us should know i never knew how […]

when i

When i lay next to you sleeping when i hold you close to me when i hold you tight, safekeeping my love will always be thats when i know that im alive When you call my name with laughter when you hold my hand so tight when you tell me ever after you be there […]


your eyes are light starlight the moon in your hair your smile is my sunshine ill always be there your embrace it soothes me it fills me with love your kisses like honey a gift from above ill love you forever you complete my soul without you im empty your love is my goal

I wish

wish i had bought you flowers and showered you from above i wish i’d told you daily the value of your love i wish we’d both gone dancing together in the rain we should have gone to paris and boated down the Sein i should have had seen it sooner the sadness in your eyes […]