patiently i read the stories tell of places never seen adventures casts on common trails where i have never been solemnly i wonder if there’s something i should say i watch the world move all around the places that i stay i never understand if i should go and see who’s there afraid ill end […]

life is hard

You know Life is hard enough to get through Living every day alone Staring at the the 4 walls Of a sad and empty home I’m not sure how to deal with Having nothing left do I doubt that you experience That emptiness,,,do you? How do people meet And greet And get to know each […]


I’m fighting just to stay alive To beat the anger deep I’m struggling just to make it through The night with any sleep Deep down I hate what you have done The way you make me feel Betrayal came so easily Was any of it real I know that soon I’ll beat the anger I’ll find […]