If I had the courage
I’d tell you how I feel
I’d do something to change this day
And make this feeling real

If I ever thought
That you were into me
If I thought for just on beat
That we could ever be

I’d tell you how you turn my head
Each time that you walk by
And how I try hard not to stare
I’m really not sure why

I’d tell you that I love to hear
The daft things that you say
And that you’re just ’bout crazy enough
To make my every day

I’d tell you that your sparkling eyes
Can hold me in a trance
And sometimes when you speak to me
Ill dare to steal a glance

Id tell you that your gorgeous smile
Is sunshine in my the day
That sometimes I’ll seek any excuse
To simply walk your way

I’d tell you you’re exciting
in every thought and deed you do
You heart, your mind, your soul, your smile
Is what I like in you

I tell you of your elegance
In all the things you wear
I’d tell you that I love your skin
And the way you wear your hair

You may not think your perfect
Can anybody be?
Perhaps one day you’ll realise
That you’re perfect for me

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