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My Son

Be strong, my son, be fearless

Be honest respectful and true.

Be honourable to those you encounter

Be most of all just be you.


Be fair, my son, be thoughtful

But remember to pause for fresh air.

Treat your lady like she is your princess

And show her how much you care.


Work hard, my son, be unyielding

But accept that it’s hard to succeed.

Defeats are just delays in the journey

Overcome them with strength, and believe.


Remember, my son, to be thankful

You’ve travel an awful long way

But your journey has only just started

This game is still yours to play


Be loyal, my son and be respectful

Be thankful and work to improve

Be careful my son don’t be careless

This life to is too easy to loose


Remember to treat others as equal

Don’t judge folk that you do not know

Don’t trust in other folks instincts

Love others and that love will grow


Be a leader, my son, be upstanding

Do what’s right despite what you’re told

Don’t follow when others are foolish

Be brave be upstanding and bold


I’m proud of you son so remember

I’ll always be there when you call

I’ll be there to pick up the pieces

And give you a hand when you fall


Ill forever be at your shoulder

Watching with pride as you grow

I’ll be there when you need some guidance

I’ll be there, just so you know

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