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Some people run, some scream, some paint, make music or lift weights**…I write. I did it when a good and close friend died, then stopped, then i had more tough emotional happenings, and i started again.

Its a coping mechanism, a release, a way to express my self to… well, anyone that will listen, all the sites I found to post my words needed money or forced me to comment on others work. All I wanted to was dump what was in my head into paper, metaphorically speaking.

I’d like to write, more, its on my bucket list, so i figured if is set up a site maybe I would, will, should.

I’m not saying these words are any good, they’re just mine, I put them out there for others to look at because, well there is no one else…


** actually I do most of these myself as well, with varying degrees of ineptitude..