Lifes lessons

These are life’s lessons that I have learned
That respect like success is not given, but earned
That honour and trust, Can set you apart
That the truth, like a smile, Can capture her heart
That listening will tell her you mean what you say
And that keeping your word will persuade her to stay
That being her friend, will set her at ease
And that sharing you fears, her anxieties appease
There is no trick nor game to be played
Just be a real man who believes what he says
Hold open the door, and say ‘please’, ‘how do you do?’
Treat her like your queen, who means all to you
And when she smiles, and looks in your eyes
You know you did right, by forgetting the lies
Just respect your girl and her trust will be earned
These a life’s lessons that I have learned

Life goals

Make it your goal to find that one person with whom you can be with, in total silence and know in your heart and soul that this is exactly where you are supposed to be, if you can do that, then you are truly blessed.

The Clown

Pity the clown as he sits in his room
Alone in the dark, the silence and gloom
See how he sits with a smile on his face
Lost in his thoughts with paint on his face
He live’s every day to put on a show
To lighten your load to ease every woe
And as you head home his mission complete
He’s left all alone, there’s no one to meet
And all you can do is walk by

Pity this clown alone in his life
Dealing each day with his issues and strife
He spends every day just trying to be
A friend to you all but you just don’t see
The Clown that you see, has now where to go
The strain of the smile, well its starting to show
And each time you call for his act to begin
He’ll jump up to help, a smile and a grin
But no one is there to ask why

Pity this clown the smile on his face
remember his heart his warm gentle grace
As he tumbles and toils just to fix all his pain
And he hides in the dark just to cry


Cold and dark
Sad and grey
I watch the world
With naught to say
Tried to hard
And lost the the path
Wait in the gloom
The aftermath
I had so much
Much more to give
Just needed hope
Reason to live
The pain is hard
So hard to bare
Sat here alone
In my despair
Pray for a chance
A sign to say
This path is true
Follow this way
But all i feel
Is sad and blue
Alone and sad
Thinking of you


Don’t be afraid if you should ever find yourself alone
Just know wherever there are friends you’ll always find a home
We’ll help you shake off all your fears we’ll help you see the light
We’ll spend all day just sat with you, so you know that its all right
We know that there’ll be times when things get tough for you
Just so you know we’ve got your back until you see it through
And if you need to chat a while or sit and watch the sky
We’ll sit with you in silence, you need’t tell us why
Any now you have me a friend, that you will never be
Alone, unloved, in need of help, but part of the family

Im In Love With a Girl

I’m in love with a girl
Who doesn’t love me
And actually that’s ok
I’m in love with a girl
Who’s outta my league
There’s nothing much more to say
This girl that I love
Is a friend you see
So it’s not like
She doesn’t have feelings for me
I’m in love with this girl
There’s nothing else I can do
Save let you know
That that girl is you

A man

A man here sits with much to give
He bares a honest heart
A man here sits a life to live
His love a long lost art
This man here sits with all his dreams
And plans to make them true
With patience here, he passes time
He’s waiting here for you

how you know

You when she is right got you
The little things she’ll say and do
Like how she’ll happily spend the day
Just in your arms,nothing to say
And how you’ll laugh at the same jokes
Which just confuse the other folks
Or how you’ll both burst into song
But no one else can join along
And how her smile will make you flush
Or how her touch will make you blush
That’s how i know your right for me
And i don’t care who else can see


Maybe I should take a chance
Maybe I will try
Maybe l’ll walk up to her
Tell her she’s caught my eye

Maybe I should take leap
Just shut my eyes and pray
That she’ll look upon my words
Shyly and sweetly say

That she feels the same way too
And she’s been watching me
Hoping, wondering if someday
Id pick up the nerve and see

If she felt the way I do
And wouldn’t it be nice
To go out for a date or two
Just need to break the ice

But she wandered past again
I’ve missed my chance to say
It’s probably for the best, in truth
I’ll try another day


If I had the courage
I’d tell you how I feel
I’d do something to change this day
And make this feeling real

If I ever thought
That you were into me
If I thought for just on beat
That we could ever be

I’d tell you how you turn my head
Each time that you walk by
And how I try hard not to stare
I’m really not sure why

I’d tell you that I love to hear
The daft things that you say
And that you’re just ’bout crazy enough
To make my every day

I’d tell you that your sparkling eyes
Can hold me in a trance
And sometimes when you speak to me
Ill dare to steal a glance

Id tell you that your gorgeous smile
Is sunshine in my the day
That sometimes I’ll seek any excuse
To simply walk your way

I’d tell you you’re exciting
in every thought and deed you do
You heart, your mind, your soul, your smile
Is what I like in you

I tell you of your elegance
In all the things you wear
I’d tell you that I love your skin
And the way you wear your hair

You may not think your perfect
Can anybody be?
Perhaps one day you’ll realise
That you’re perfect for me