If I had the courage
I’d tell you how I feel
I’d do something to change this day
And make this feeling real

If I ever thought
That you were into me
If I thought for just on beat
That we could ever be

I’d tell you how you turn my head
Each time that you walk by
And how I try hard not to stare
I’m really not sure why

I’d tell you that I love to hear
The daft things that you say
And that you’re just ’bout crazy enough
To make my every day

I’d tell you that your sparkling eyes
Can hold me in a trance
And sometimes when you speak to me
Ill dare to steal a glance

Id tell you that your gorgeous smile
Is sunshine in my the day
That sometimes I’ll seek any excuse
To simply walk your way

I’d tell you you’re exciting
in every thought and deed you do
You heart, your mind, your soul, your smile
Is what I like in you

I tell you of your elegance
In all the things you wear
I’d tell you that I love your skin
And the way you wear your hair

You may not think your perfect
Can anybody be?
Perhaps one day you’ll realise
That you’re perfect for me


Yes I’m older
I have seen more
Done more
Been further
Met more
Had more
And lost more than those younger than I.

Yes I am older
I cherish more
Protect more
Love more
Will do more
To keep you safe

I got it wrong

I got it wrong, ok I get it
A fool am I and I regret it
I read the signs but made mistakes
I messed up, Too late for brakes
Ill carry on and try again
With someone else get passed the pain
The signs were there
I could have sworn
But I was wrong
Ill face the scorn


I’d like to say a few short words
About my dear old mum
You friends who gather to reflect
With father, daughter, son
I’d tell you how she love to joke
And talk about the past
How she liked to have a smoke
And sup wine from her glass
How she like to give out cards
She made with her fair hand
How she’d always help a friend
If things should go off plan
And how she’d love it when her kids
Would call to say ‘hello’
But “Please avoid the Archers
When they’re on the radio”
I’d tell you how we loved her
And the funny things she’d do
Like how she mixed up all her words
But still make sense to you
I’d tell you how we’ll miss her
Now that she has past
But that we shouldn’t cry to much
She’s found her peace at last
There no more pain for her to feel
She’ll look down from above
And know that we will always be
Forever filled with love


Secretly I wonder on
the vision that is you
I close my eyes and think about
Your eyes of grey and blue
And as you glide away again
I hope one day you will see
Your beauty and seductiveness
Means everything to me

So far away

I’ve tried to say a thousand times the way you make me feel
To reach across and brush your face to prove that this is real
But though I’m close enough to see the sparkle in your eyes
You all to far away from me to hear my longing sighs
So ill just carry on this dance and hope one day you’ll see
That every second spent with you is so precious to me

life is hard

You know

Life is hard enough to get through

Living every day alone

Staring at the the 4 walls

Of a sad and empty home

I’m not sure how to deal with

Having nothing left do

I doubt that you experience

That emptiness,,,do you?

How do people meet

And greet

And get to know each other,

When all i have is these four walls

No friend,

No pal

No lover.

You know

Life is hard enough to get through

With all the anger and the hate

Its really tough to deal with

Without feeling in this state

I used to have a friend

Or two

I used to have a life

I used to have

A pal

A girl

She said she’d be my wife

But now i just have these four walls

And I’m not sure what to do

I’d talk to someone


I’d even talk to you

I show a mask of happiness

That hides the pain so deep

Pretend I’m doing.. “A’OK”

Then cry myself to sleep

Ill spend whole days

Not say a word

To any living soul

Ill go out about my daily chores

No heart left, just a hole

But life it too damn hard to get through

When all you feel is pain

But you know


I’ll get up

And do it all again.


Tomorrow is another day

Tomorrow maybe bright

Tomorrow may bring circumstance

And all will be alright

So yeah lifes tough to get through

And yeah it makes me blue

But i go each day

Just hoping that

Tomorrow ill meet you.




I’m fighting just to stay alive

To beat the anger deep

I’m struggling just to make it through

The night with any sleep

Deep down I hate what you have done

The way you make me feel

Betrayal came so easily

Was any of it real

I know that soon I’ll beat the anger

I’ll find an inner peace

Until that day I’ll say adieu

And find a new  release

I’m gonna find a better life

I’m gonna find a way

Ill clear my head of doubt and fear

And live to see the day.


Stay classy


I don’t believe in anger

I don’t believe in lies

I don’t believe that anyone

Could ignore a child’s cries


I don’t believe that people

Could  hurt you just for fun

There has to be reason

To fight back with a gun


I don’t believe that love

Is stupid, too much fuss

I don’t believe that lonieness

Is all that’s left for us


I don’t believe in any God

That gives a man a bomb

Just to kill his brother

Who reads a different tome


I don’t believe my sister

Is the colour of her skin

The beauty in her smile, her eyes

Is from her soul within


I don’t believe in apathy

I don’t believe in pain

I don’t believe the hungry

Should be abandoned in the rain


I don’t believe the helpless

Have nothing left to give

A chance is all they’re begging for

To earn, to learn, to live


An yet I still believe

There’s so much left to see

That life can be remarkable

And surely you’ll agree


What drives me on

Each day that comes

Each time that I feel blue

Above all else

In truth I’ll say

I still