My Son

Be strong, my son, be fearless

Be honest respectful and true.

Be honourable to those you encounter

Be most of all just be you.


Be fair, my son, be thoughtful

But remember to pause for fresh air.

Treat your lady like she is your princess

And show her how much you care.


Work hard, my son, be unyielding

But accept that it’s hard to succeed.

Defeats are just delays in the journey

Overcome them with strength, and believe.


Remember, my son, to be thankful

You’ve travel an awful long way

But your journey has only just started

This game is still yours to play


Be loyal, my son and be respectful

Be thankful and work to improve

Be careful my son don’t be careless

This life to is too easy to loose


Remember to treat others as equal

Don’t judge folk that you do not know

Don’t trust in other folks instincts

Love others and that love will grow


Be a leader, my son, be upstanding

Do what’s right despite what you’re told

Don’t follow when others are foolish

Be brave be upstanding and bold


I’m proud of you son so remember

I’ll always be there when you call

I’ll be there to pick up the pieces

And give you a hand when you fall


Ill forever be at your shoulder

Watching with pride as you grow

I’ll be there when you need some guidance

I’ll be there, just so you know

my fear

I used to say prayers
In the dark of the night
To push back the tears, anxiety and fright
I used to see shadows
that danced the gloom
They hunted my thoughts
in the dark of my room
The thought of tomorrow
Would fill me with dread
Things not yet happened
Would mess with my head
I’d smile as friends passed me
Make out all was well
And inside there’s torture
My own personal hell

But that isn’t me anymore

new year

to all my friends
both old and new
this simple rhyme
i have for you

this year is past
its time is done
we had some troubles
had some fun

we had a laugh
and shed at tear
we hoped for much
throughout the year

and as the year
draws to a close
we plan again
for what who knows

but above of all
i wish for you
health, happiness
and friendship too


when you say you gave it all you had you know that isn’t true
To spend your time looking for help, but that was only you
you never gave us both a chance to figure out our woes
a problem for the two of us? then two of us should know
i never knew how much you hurt, i didn’t see the signs
but that’s no reason to give up or cross the sacred line
you never gave us both a chance you never let me try
ill always wonder in my heart, the real reason why

when i

When i lay next to you sleeping
when i hold you close to me
when i hold you tight, safekeeping
my love will always be

thats when i know that im alive

When you call my name with laughter
when you hold my hand so tight
when you tell me ever after
you be there every night

thats when i know that im alive

But ever since you passing
since the cold took hold inside
the darkeness ever lasting
the fear i cannot hide

How i wish i were alive


your eyes are light starlight
the moon in your hair
your smile is my sunshine
ill always be there
your embrace it soothes me
it fills me with love
your kisses like honey
a gift from above
ill love you forever
you complete my soul
without you im empty
your love is my goal

I wish

wish i had bought you flowers
and showered you from above
i wish i’d told you daily
the value of your love

i wish we’d both gone dancing
together in the rain
we should have gone to paris
and boated down the Sein

i should have had seen it sooner
the sadness in your eyes
i should have held you closer
and spared you all the lies

but now you’ve lost the sparkle
no passion left to see
your heart has grown indifferent
you’ve lost your love for me

but even in this darkness
the pain that hurts inside
you still remain my focus
you’re why i stay alive

your eyes still calm my fever
your voice still skips my heart
i thought we’d be forever
id thought we’d never part

i wish i’d made you smile more
smothered you with love
you still remain my princess
my magic from above

your voice still sounds like music
eyes like sparkling pools
your smile remains my sunlight
your laughter, drops like jewels

we should have been forever
grown old and never part
but know ill always love you
forever in my heart

i wish i could go backwards
and stop the pain inside
i wish id never hurt you
never made you cry

so know ill always love you
you’ll always be my girl
and maybe one day somewhere
you’ll come back into my world