I don’t believe in anger

I don’t believe in lies

I don’t believe that anyone

Could ignore a child’s cries


I don’t believe that people

Could  hurt you just for fun

There has to be reason

To fight back with a gun


I don’t believe that love

Is stupid, too much fuss

I don’t believe that lonieness

Is all that’s left for us


I don’t believe in any God

That gives a man a bomb

Just to kill his brother

Who reads a different tome


I don’t believe my sister

Is the colour of her skin

The beauty in her smile, her eyes

Is from her soul within


I don’t believe in apathy

I don’t believe in pain

I don’t believe the hungry

Should be abandoned in the rain


I don’t believe the helpless

Have nothing left to give

A chance is all they’re begging for

To earn, to learn, to live


An yet I still believe

There’s so much left to see

That life can be remarkable

And surely you’ll agree


What drives me on

Each day that comes

Each time that I feel blue

Above all else

In truth I’ll say

I still






my fear

I used to say prayers
In the dark of the night
To push back the tears, anxiety and fright
I used to see shadows
that danced the gloom
They hunted my thoughts
in the dark of my room
The thought of tomorrow
Would fill me with dread
Things not yet happened
Would mess with my head
I’d smile as friends passed me
Make out all was well
And inside there’s torture
My own personal hell

But that isn’t me anymore