Your Voice

Even on my darkest days
When naught but pain exists
The noise I hear inside my head
The torment it persists
When I feel the hopelessness
And struggle for safe choice
I’ll always fell the clam descend
The sound of your sweet voice

Your presence lights my heart’s desire
Your touch it calms the fire
You bring the peace into my world
The choices seem less dire
And even though you’re far away
And may not thing of me
Know now that you’ll always have
The power to set me Free

My one true love

I would bring you flowers
Weave daisy’s in your hair
I’d write a simple love note
That would tell how much I care
I’d love to gently hold your hand
And whisper in your ear
I’d softly kiss you on your neck
Carress away your fear
I’d listen to your heart’s desire
Support the things you do
Attentive to your every need
My one true love be true.


I’m not the type to wonder
Or hide behind a shroud
I’m not the type to hype myself
Or sing my song out loud
Instead I’ll gently ponder 
Inside my quiet home
And grudgingly acknowledge
I was meant to be alone
But I’ll not just maunder
Aimless in the rain 
Instead I’ll be a better me
And help ease others pain


I missed my chance
I was too slow
I didn’t move
I failed to go
And now I lay here
Feeling blue
I missed my chance
To be with you
I wonder if
You’ll ever see
The foolishness
That hindered me
My nerve it failed
So many times
Afraid to whisper
Practised lines
That let you know
My heart’s embrace
My time has past
Love gone to waste

The Battle

Everyone has problems
Everyone has fears
Life throws us adversity
That brings us close to tears

Every time you struggle
To fight against the tide
The battle it will find you
There’s nowhere left to hide

But even when you’re feeling like
There’s nothing left to do
Remember that there’s always
Someone there to help you through

So the battle is worth fighting
The struggle worth the pain
To know that one day real soon
You’ll be happy once again

No one

No one should be lonely
No one should be scared
No one should sit in the dark
And wish that someone cared

No one should face torment
Forced to live a lie
No one should stare longingly
As couples wonder by

No one should be smothered
By fears you cannot see
No one sits and wonders
How no one became me


It’s quiet in this room of mine 
No voices split the air
The silence speaks a thousand words
And no one else is here
No other soul to make a sound
I hum to clear the gloom
The story of my solitude
It echos through my tomb
Its quiet in this room of mine
There’s no one else to see
That silence is a golden word
That’s slowly drowning me


Damaged is a subtle thing
That’s hard for some to see
Damaged are the little things
That go to make up me
Damaged is the way i feel
When the day goes bad
Damaged when i think of you
Leaves me feeling sad
Damaged is the way i’ll stay
Damaged it will be
Until such time
As you pass by
To come to rescue me